EOS Print 0023
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Price: $ 75.00
Print is 14.50" x 10.50" (approximately)
centered on 19.00" x 13.00" acid-free archival paper


East of the Sun and West of the Moon
by Mercer Mayer

Through bold, evocative prose and flowing, full-color paintings, author-illustrator Mercer Mayer has created a stirring tale of a maiden's quest to atone her past faithlessness and prove her true love.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon Print 0023

The maiden entered the cave and walked to the chamber of fire. She was frightened but entered. "Salamander," she asked, "do you know of a kingdom east of the sun and west of the moon and do you know of a yoth who is to marry the troll princess there?"

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