How to Use This Site
1. The bottom of each gallery room page displays a row of buttons and some textlinks. Click each of these to view another page. For example, click R1 and you will view the first room ("R" on a button means "room").
2. Each room in the gallery has several framed pieces of art on display. Each framed art image may be clicked in order to view another page with information about the art. Each piece of art has a title, order number, size, and price.
3. On each art information page bottom appears a row of numbers. Clicking any one of the numbers displays the next or corresponding art information page within the gallery room you've previously chosen.
4. Each art information page contains information for each art print (title, print number and size), and clickable textlinks for information about giclee prints and a printable order form. We recommend you print out the order form and keep it with you as you view the site. Click Paypal to buy using Paypal or credit card.
7. The list below refers to the gallery rooms within the site and the art in each room. Click any link to get started.
Room #1 (R1) - Shibumi and the Kitemaker
Room #2 (R2) - The Rocking Horse Angel
Room #3 (R3) - Beauty and the Beast
Room #4 (R4) - East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Room #5 (R5) - Favorite Tales from Grimm
Room #6 (R6) - There Are Monsters Everywhere
Room #7 (R7) - Mercer Mayer's Personal Collection
How to Order from Us *Paypal orders accepted!
1. For orders by mail, please click the textlink below "ORDER FORM" and print out the form. You may want to have the order form and a pen handy while you view the site.
a. Should you wish to order, each piece of art has a unique number. You will need to write on your order form the number, quantity and price for each print you wish to order. Please print clearly.
b. Total the number of prints, and use the order form to determine the cost of shipping and handling for each print. Write these totals onto your order form. Connecticut residents must add sales tax to the total cost PLUS shipping and handling.
c. Mail us your completed order form. Please print clearly. At this time we are accepting only money orders for orders sent by mail. Do not send a personal check.
d. For mail orders, address your envelope to Orchard House Licensing Company using the address we have provided. Please recheck your envelope before sealing it, that you have enclosed both your order form and payment. Affix a stamp to your envelope and mail it to us. It will take 3-4 weeks to process and ship your order.
2. *Paypal orders accepted!
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